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50 Math, Logic and Word Puzzles - Volume 2


Whatever your puzzle solving level, you will be sure to find puzzles to match your ability. 


Hours of fun and a great way to keep your brain in tip-top shape!


All images are in e-reader friendly colours and optimized for the popular Kindle e-reader. This provides crisp, clear images, which loads fast and is enjoyable to look at.


Time to Train the Brain with the 2nd volume of 50 Math, Logic and Word Puzzles.

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  Reader feedback  

What can I say about the 2nd volume?

More of the same really. Like volume 1, lots of interesting, challenging and many different types of puzzles - some easy and some very hard!

Really enjoyed puzzle number 50 - real tough one, but I got it in the end :)"

Mr Max Taylor - Bristol, UK


When I bought this book, I half expected the author (not knowing him) to have stolen some ideas from other brain teaser publications. (How easy that would be!)


Pleasantly, and affirming my faith in human nature, this was not so. I have done hundreds, if not thousands, of brain teasers over the years (I subscribed to GAMES Magazine for over twenty years and pursue a wide variety of other brain teaser books including the Mensa publicly released ones). This is the real thing. If the author had lifted a puzzle from elsewhere, I would probably have found at least one duplicate.

The brain teasers are very good. Some are very challenging but nothing that you can't figure out yourself (a couple of puzzles may need Grade 12 math, which I do have as a minimum).

I like the variety. I don't like doing crosswords alone, word games alone, or logic sequences by itself, so this offers a great mix of puzzles.

Considering that the author did all the puzzles from scratch, without the aid of a publishing company to do all the work for him, this book is an amazing feat. Despite my years of experience with brain teasers, I would be hard pressed to invent my own puzzles like he did. Also, none of the puzzles would have been invented with the help of a computer algorithm, so this is pretty amazing.

Try it... you won't be disappointed as long as you're a true brain teaser fan! If you don't like brain teasers at all, this book is not for you. Also I liked the way it was easy to move around in the Kindle (probably have a Kobo as well) version, going from puzzle to hint, solution, or next puzzle. In some ways easier than reading a book!"


Mr Scott Spotson - Canada