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50 Math, Logic and Word Puzzles - Volume 3


Whatever your puzzle solving level, you will be sure to find puzzles to match your ability. 


Hours of fun and a great way to keep your brain in tip-top shape!


All images are in e-reader friendly colours and optimized for the popular Kindle e-reader. This provides crisp, clear images, which loads fast and is enjoyable to look at.


Time to Train the Brain with the 3rd volume of 50 Math, Logic and Word Puzzles.

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  Reader feedback  

The 3rd volume is by far the best set of puzzles I have seen for some time. The last puzzle, #50, is ingenious!!

Mr D. Bristow - Glasgow, Scotland


Great puzzle volume. Spend most of my summer holiday fighting with puzzle #50. Should possibly have been a level !!!!!!!!!! Thank God there was plenty of other puzzles I could solve :)

Mr Luke Graham Watson - Seattle, USA


Very clever puzzles! Loved them all.

Betty Smith - New York