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Mathematical Puzzles and Problems


If you love mathematics and you enjoy solving fun and challenging puzzles and problems, then ‘Mathematical Puzzles and Problems’ is the perfect book for you.

In this exciting Kindle eBook you will find 50 of the best mathematical puzzles and problems published by Black Cone Publishing including many brand new Puzzles.


The puzzles are created by different Black Cone Publishing authors and independently checked before being selected for publication.


Each puzzle is designed to entertain and challenge, and to help flex your mathematical muscles to the max – guaranteed!

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  Reader feedback  

Great fun, some seriously excellent mathematical puzzles, which I can't wait to put in front of my unsuspecting class after the summer holiday :)

Laura, Maths teacher, London.


Hi Black Cone,

What can I say after having *almost* completed all the mathematical puzzles and problems in your Kindle book... My brain hurts! And BTW I learnt so much maths, which I am sorry to admit to myself that I had forgotten.

Glen Bradford - Liverpool


Possibly the best mathematical puzzle and problems book on Kindle that I have read for some time. A real brainteaser challenge. I like it!

Dan W - New York


This puzzle book delivers! It does what it says on the tin. Just one great math puzzle after another. Great fun for those who like math problems.

Mr. Winklestein - Boston