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About Trees, Carbon Absorption and

'Green Marketing'


This 29 page report outlines a number of key-facts relating to trees and their ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.


The author of the report illustrates how it is possible to develop a generic tree CO2 absorption model. The model is based on real world scientific studies, which have measured the CO2 absorption rate by multiple different tree species. The model is explained in detail.


The CO2 absorption tree model is used to calculate the volume of carbon dioxide a generic tree can absorb over a hundred year period.


The hundred year CO2 absorption rates provide the basis for a close examination of the 'carbon neutral' claims made by the majority of carbon offsetting companies.

A number of carbon offsetting advertisements claiming to reduce the carbon footprint of individuals and companies by planting CO2 absorbing trees are examined in detail.


In closing the report's author concludes that the "carbon neutral" claim is difficult to justify and suggests that many companies adopt this "green" marketing out of convenience rather than the physical CO2 absorption rate of trees.


All tree and CO2 absorption data is fully referenced within the report.


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  Reader feedback  

Thank you for an interesting piece of research. First time I have seen a 100 year model of a tree's absorption rate over 100 years. The data and conclusions looks solid.

Dave Payne, London, UK


...but at least it has made me realise how careful you have to be about carbon offsetting.

Maria Delores, Argentina


...and the data carbon model has been very useful too.

Lee Wang, USA


A very interesting report. While tree planting clearly is a good thing, there are unfortunately companies that are giving this practice a bad name. I learnt a lot from studying the examples of green advertising. Thanks.

Lee Jackson, Leeds, UK


An interesting and highly useful piece of research. Worth every cent.

Perry Trovino, New York have proven that carbon neutral is little more than empty words.

Linda Patterson, California, USA


Thank you for a great report. Finally found a report, which justifies how much carbon a tree can absorb per year.

Daniel Barbier, Germany


How interesting and how sad! Trees can absorb a lot of carbon in a year, but their good work is being misrepresented by profit making companies.

Berry T, London, UK


The tree carbon (co2) absorption model was great, the first time I have seen such a model. Thanks for a great report!

Jack M. Wilton, USA


Great report on co2 and trees from the UK! Thanks for unmasking green marketing, some great examples, which really got me thinking about my own co2 tree offsetting plans.

Allan Madsen, California, USA