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Cryptic Picture Puzzles - Volume 1


Perfect for children and adults alike.


No Maths in sight, just cryptic picture puzzles, perfect for an evening of puzzling fun with friends or the family.


All images are in e-reader friendly colours and optimized for the popular Kindle e-reader. This provides crisp, clear images which loads fast and is enjoyable to look at.


 Time to Train the Brain with the first volume of Cryptic Picture Puzzles!


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Kindle edition

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  Reader feedback  

Thank you for a fun book.

The kids got involved and we ended up discussing if a picture was a 'chicken' or a 'hen', the spelling of the words and if their choice of word made sense within the overall context of the puzzles.

I think they got more from your book than an English lesson about spelling and verbal reasoning in their primary school. Brilliant!

Mr Dad (aka Dan Finley) Southampton UK


Great book. Just good old fashioned picture puzzles, which does NOT require any maths knowledge. In other words, just up my street he! he!

Gary M - Belfast


A really enjoyable read, thanks for some cryptic picture puzzles!

TheBellBoy, Hampshire US