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Evolution for Young Minds


"Evolution for Young Minds" is a new exciting children's eBook for the home or classroom.


It teaches children from eight and upwards about the amazing gene and how natural selection has helped humans, plants and animals evolve and survive over millions of years.


 Evolution for Young Minds is fun, factual, and full of puzzles and experiments; perfect for an inquisitive young scientists.


A captive read, which is guaranteed to delight.

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Reader feedback


I really enjoyed reading this book and I learnt a lot about evolution and natural selection. And the science experiment with cress was really cool.

Heather Bermann -10 years old


Very interesting and well presented book.

Helen Wesley - UK


Evolution for Young Minds offers an introduction to a complex and controversial subject that is original and – dare I say – entertaining. From genes to evolution to natural selection, children learn to explore the nearest things in nature in order to understand the big picture. This book dispenses with boring textbook science and presents the history of the planet and the evolution of the animal world with the help of colorful photographs, illustrations, diagrams, even fun puzzles. Young minds can test their skills at simple gene-mapping and find out how elephants as a species are fooling the poachers.

Each chapter covers one topic on one page and is followed by a set of questions called, Dean and Lisa’s Learning Check. For teachers and parents who are looking for an interactive approach to natural science this book serves as a unit outline, complete with a glossary and two hands-on experiments, all of which is guaranteed to keep students fascinated. Evolution for Young Minds puts the fun in natural science.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Peggy Tibbetts - Independent reviewer


An unusual approach to teaching evolution. But I can honestly say that it works.

My son, Jim, who is nine, has really got involved. One evening I asked him why he thought our dog Larry was barking. Expecting him to say it was because the dog was hungry, he answered that it was because of 'his genes.' Great answer and great book!

John Helm - London, UK 


It is not often I read a non-fictional children's book where my kids say 'Read it again mum' afterwards! A really entertaining read for all of us.

Ellen Simpson - UK


A pleasure to read loud for the whole family.

Mrs. Speegle - UK


Regardless of your belief about how the world began, the one extremely poignant and well covered topic that needs to be taken away from this book, is the important learning and understanding of genes and natural selection.

'Evolution for young minds' is an in depth, yet fun learning guide book for children ages 8 and above. It intersperses well written fact with amusing character illustrations and fun questionnaires and experiments to aid in children's learning.


If your religion does not use the theory of evolution as the way in which humans were made, (as I believe differently)- it is quite easy to skip that section and focus on the other scientific facts that this book covers.


A wonderful learning book for children and a great little refresher for adults as well.

Miss Kerry Connelly - Australia


Today I have received the two books. They are wonderful.
My daughters ripped them from my hands, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to read them. Now they are reading them. They look gorgeous indeed.
Mr. Vasile Poenaru - Rumania