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Global Warming for Young Minds


Global Warming for Young Minds" is a great book for the home or classroom.


It is fun, factual, and perfect for early readers, but unbiased and politically neutral.


It teaches six to 10 year old children about our planet and how they can have a positive impact on the natural world around them.


As a parent "Global Warming for Young Minds" offers you and your family many unique benefits other books on global warming and sustainability can't match.

  • No technical jargon or complicated scientific explanations.

  • Keywords and concepts are introduced gradually, and explained in everyday terms adults and children will be familiar with.

  • Fun, attention grabbing, and very educational.

  • Positive and inspiring, not blaming and frightening.

  • Politically neutral. No hidden left- or right-wing agenda.

  • Scientifically neutral. You decide if global warming is happening or not, if it is man-made or not; not me the author.

  • Timeless message. Planet Earth is our home, and we all share the responsibility of looking after it. 

As a teacher "Global Warming for Young Minds" is aimed at six to 10 year old children, and will fit into any primary or elementary classroom in the UK, USA, Canada or Australia - to mention just a few.

  • Teach with confidence. Global warming and sustainability are introduced gradually, and explained in everyday terms.

  • Politically neutral. The book allows teachers complete freedom to cover the political aspects of global warming.

  • Fun activities and a unique learning check after each chapter will help children remember important keywords and concepts.

  • Inspiring, attention grabbing, and very educational.

  • Positive, timeless message: 'Planet Earth is our home, and we all share the responsibility of looking after it.'

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Reader feedback


This fun and engaging tome by Flemming Bermann introduces concepts of global warming and sustainable living to youngsters in a clear and structured manner, making it ideal for the classroom. Written for 6-10 year-olds, the book comprises games, experiments and factual storytelling, and offers ideas on what its target audience and their parents can do to make a difference.

Book review by Teach Primary! magazine November 2010


...your book is a simple and useful tool for anyone with less secure science background and less confidence in the subject and, I’m sure, of great interest to young children, and much needed in the market place.

Mrs. K. Silvester - Brabyns Preparatory School


The book is really colourful and interesting, and I love the fun activities.

Emily Grey - 8 years old


"Global Warming for Young Minds: A Global Warming and Sustainability Guide for Children" is a practical guidebook for teaching kids age 6 and up about the fact and impact of global warming, and what can be done by each of us to help keep earth a healthy place to live.


There are a number of creative puzzles, keywords, experiments and activities that help to teach concepts of sustainable living and ways of minimizing the human carbon footprint. Dean and Lisa are global characters who help to convey the lessons in a fun and humorous style.


Fun breaks, learning checks, and picture puzzles all help to deliver the important message in manageable bites,empowering kids to take responsibility for ways they can help stop or slow global warming. "Global Warming for Young Minds" is an excellent, non-preachy, apolitical resource for teachers and parents who want to enlighten their children in a positive way.

Midwest Book Review


Text is really informative and well pitched. Showed them to some children this morning and they provoked much thought (we’re setting up a schools Eco code as a result). Thank-you.

Mr. R. Pownall: Head teacher, Ludworth Primary School


Very informative for children and adults alike. Would be useful in primary schools as a learning tool.

Mrs. Elaine Greenwood, retired teacher


Global Warming for Young Minds is a timely and important book.

Robert R. Ross, Last Word Books


The contents is very sound and well structured.

Michael Townsend - New York, USA


Great guide!

Mark Denton - UK


I am very impressed with it.

Dean Young - UK


Thank you for authoring and producing such a beautiful children's book.

Sarah Herito, Associate Editor,


Global Warming for Young Minds is a unique primer on global warming, covering all aspects of the issue in a way that’s interesting and easy to understand. Topics, including carbon dioxide, impacts on animals, recycling, and many more, are explained with familiar examples from our daily lives. The photos and artwork enhance the text and contribute to our understanding. Each topic is followed up with a short Q&A titled Dean’s and Lisa’s Learning Check, which encourages comprehension.


Bermann employs information and solutions rather than fear tactics. Instead of dire warnings about the melting polar icecaps, he challenges readers with a melting ice experiment, then points out the impact of melting ice on polar bears and penguins. This hands-on approach, combined with the Fun Break pages and puzzles interspersed, invites readers to get involved. More than fun and games, Global Warming for Young Minds is an exceptional educational tool and should be part of every elementary classroom library.

Copyright (c) 2010 by Peggy Tibbetts; Independent, freelance reviewer


What a beautiful book. We absolutely agree, it very much fills a need so well.

Jim Callahan, Editor, ClimateChangeEducation.Org


Really, really good book. Great illustrations and questions for the kids to think about.

Mrs. B. Petersen - UK


I would recommend this book to young children who want to learn about global warming. It doesn’t give a lot of details but it is a good place to start. “Global Warming for Young Minds” started a lot of good conversations in my family and most likely will for yours, too.

Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 8) for Reader Views


The book is very beautiful. It was easy for me to understand the content and I look forward to reading it to my two children, who have been learning English for a couple of years.

Mrs. T. Pertou Andersen - Denmark


A bright, colourful book. Global Warming for Young Minds is an excellent introduction to a difficult subject.

Ms. A. Omissi - primary school teacher


My tres niños pensar su libro es muy bueno.

Sra. Melosa Medina - Spain


A fine children's book.

Gary Hale - California, USA


Wonderful book.

Head Teacher - Woodhill school


The best read-out-loud picture book about global warming I have come across.

Jane Small - UK


Just a brief email to let you know that your book is a great hit with my three sons. They all love the pictures and the oldest enjoyed the picture puzzles.

Mrs. E. Davids - London, UK


We will be selling it in our gift shop.

Ms. J. Parry-Jones MBE, The International Centre for Birds of Prey


My two children simply love it. 10 out of 10 for making such a difficult subject fun and interesting.

Harry Parks - UK


My daughter loved it. She has read it cover to cover a couple of times now.

Allen Curtis - UK


The books are fantastic.

Ms. Melville - Dalmeny Primary School


Your book got the whole family talking about global warming. My two young children really got involved, which is exactly what I wanted to happen.

Ms. Benson - York, UK


Brilliant science book. Period.

Mr. Borkowski - New Hampshire


Delightful little book.

Ellen - UK 


In short, I think you have written a great book, and that you have been very careful about what you say and how you say it.

However, I really wish you had spent a few pages on the impact of rising sea levels, and how millions of people are going to suffer when their homes are swallowed up by the advancing ocean. Kids need to know this stuff.

Mr. Campbell - Canada


Very factual and fun read for my three children. They really got involved, which is great. In particular the section on sustainability got them talking and thinking. I note that the book is politically neutral, which I appreciate a lot. What the author has achieved is to connect the children with the natural world and shown how their actions and choices could have an impact. In short we need to look after the planet - whatever we have global warming or not.

I.B. - Atlanta, Georgia, USA


What a wonderful book. Full of lively and interactive illustrations that aid in the teachings of an important world wide subject : Global warming.
'Global warming for young minds.' is a wonderfully fun and informative reading material aimed toward children from the ages of 6-10.   It is written in a fun, informative style for children to relate to and is also a great little refresher for adults as well.


Being an education assistant and aunt of 7 children myself, I would recommend parents, teachers and education workers do themselves a favour and read 'GWFYM' to help teach their children the understanding of global warming on our planet and how they can help reduce it's effects, in a fun, informative way."

Ms. Kerry Connelly - Australia


My kids really love this book. It is fun and very educational, and full of wonderful drawings, pictures and photos. Worth every dollar if you want to tell your kids about global warming - makes it easy to get started. A really good guide.

Mrs. Wilson - California, USA


I read this book on my own, before reading it to my children (age 7 and 9), because I was not sure it really was suited for children. But I must say, this book really hits the subject in a very fine and easily understandable way.
It is a book, we will read again and again, finding new depths as they grow older. It gives us all a very positive approach to the problem, and how we all are or can be a part of a solution.
I highly recommend this book to all parents and any adults working with children :-)

Mrs Britta Lassen - Denmark

  Today I have received the two books. They are wonderful.
My daughters ripped them from my hands, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to read them.
Now they are reading them. They look gorgeous indeed.
Mr. Vasile Poenaru - Rumania