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It's a Funny old Life


A series of light hearted and amusing observations and jokes about everyday living and the never ending 'battle' between men and women. 

Expect this eBook to bring a smile to your face, and a gentle reassuring nod of your head as you say out laud: 'That is so true!'. 


Lavishly illustrated with stylish black and white drawings and cartoons, this book is perfect for reading together with friends or a partner. Even children of school age may find it funny to understand how silly grown-ups can be. 

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  Reader feedback  

My boyfriend and I had a real fun time reading this one together. Great for men and women, I would say.

Ella Douglas, Lubbock, Texas.


Good clean fun, a laugh per page for a $, what's not to like :)

Pete Hale Thomas, USA.


Good clean humour. And something for everyone. Love the B&W drawings.

Ella Mitchell, Toronto.


I really enjoyed this humours eBook. Looks great on my old Kindle. Enough to make me and my hubby have a giggle for an evening.

Helen Burns, London.